MindspillMy boy Torrance Stephens posted a recent comment here that said that I should have won for the best photo blog. I responded by asking if another one of those blog vote things was going on.

Well after catching up on Afrobella’s blog posts, I did notice that the Black Weblog Awards are going on now (currently in the voting stage).

So I went to see what categories were listed & who the nominees were & it seems like the perennial favorites are listed, w hich is no big surprise (in a good way). What I did find surprising, even shocking were the nominees for best photo blog. No, I was not shocked that I was not listed because I am more than photos, but I was surprised by the fact that the nominees were not even photographers.

One of the nominees was from a myspace page with club photos, the other was from a gossip blog & you know they use photos from other sources & the other-other one was a rappers blog & had no photos.

So I guess my question is, what is a photoblog defined as? Should it not include originality, quality, creativity, and photos not taken on a cell phone or disposable camera.

What about bloggers like Oscar Knight?
What about bloggers like Jay Soto?
Shit, what about bloggers like my ass?

I’m not tripping for real, I’m just saying.