One thing that Suite Suzy & I find our selves saying recently to Olivia is stop fighting your sister.  This is a statement that is made no less than 10 times a week.  I mean they fight like cats & dogs & it is amazing that Amelia holds her own at 3 against a 9 year old.

Really the fights are laughable but still annoying & I have been asking Olivia to be an example instead of an adversary.

Me asking Olivia to stop fighting with her sister is like the pot calling the kettle black because my sister “Baby” & I are always going head up & we have the same age gap as my kids.

Baby & I have not always fought because when we were kids, I would just beat her & my little brother up to get my way.  I guess when I was a late teen & even when I left my mom’s nest, they both figured that they could get with me & beat my ass if needed.

My brother & I hardly argue, probably because he can’t hold a conversation topic for no longer than 3 minutes, however when I piss him off, I really piss him off!

Now Baby & I at times fight like cats & dogs, usually because I start in by telling her what she “needs to do”.  The arguments get ugly but after a few days of back & forth we calm it down to regroup.

More recently, she tells me that she knows where I am coming from, but her life is her life & she is doing the best that she can.

Sometimes I just get upset because I see so much more potential wasting away with some of the things that I perceive that she is doing/not doing.

Today I caught myself starting an argument with her about what she needs to do in terms of providing a stable environment for my nephews.   Before I could get going, she cut me off & said that she was not in the mood to be preached at by the “perfect one”.

After we got off the phone, I actually felt bad about my approach.  I kind of felt helpless as I watch my sister live life of the fringes of ghetto society.

I guess I really need to chill & not stress her out because she is 6 months pregnant & I do not want to cause any additional headache for her.

When it all boils down to it, Baby gets on my damn nerves like no other but I love her so & only want the best for her & her piccaninnies

Flashing forward & backward at the same time, last Friday Baby & I spent the day together, which is rare.  2 weeks ago, she asked me to go to her next prenatal appointment so that I could hear the baby’s heart beat. For some reason, I felt honored that she asked.

So we went to the appointment & it was pretty status quo.  After the appointment, we headed downtown Detroit for a delicious lunch at Eph McNally’s (and of course, I had to pay!!!).

After a lunch, we spent the remainder of our time together walking around browsing at the African World Festival, which was nice.  Our time together was quality & it felt like we were really having a special brother/sister bond thing going on.

Switching subjects but yet staying on the same topic, I found out today that my momma & aunt “Juicy P” got into a major argument yesterday as they drove to see my uncle.  There was no blood shed but from what I heard, if one of them had a blade, it would have been on.  By the way, the fight had nothing to do with Juicy P calling me an “Ugly Jesus”.

Damn, just what is it about baby sisters that drive older sibling nuts?

BTW, if you read mylast “A Few Questions” post, you will see that my sister decided to get a cornrow mowhawk. I thought it was sharp!