MindspillIn a recent post, I mentioned that I think that I have the nappiest face in Michigan. 

I guess this past Friday it was confirmed twice that my shit was off the hook. 

First, I hung with my sister Baby Friday & during the course of our time together, she asked what was up with my face.  I was like I know, I know it’s a hot mess but I am not shaving until Sept.  She was like, you need to get that damn taco meat off your face ASAP.  After she said taco meat, all I could was laugh because she was so damn right. 

Throughout the afternoon, she made a few more jokes about my rugged look but it was all good & getting teased is just part of being in my family.

Later in the day, I went over to Cousin Dee’s to meet up with my aunt “Juicy P” so that I could give her my prints for the art show because she is matting & framing them.

Upon seeing she was like you are you etc, but then when I got closer to her she was like “what happened to your face? you look like an ugly Jesus with that wild beard.”

I was so shocked, I could say nothing but “damn an ugly Jesus!” Cousin Dee was like what??? An ugly Jesus! Why that of all things?

So for the remainder of our meeting, I was referred to as Jesus, “Ugly Jesus”.

You cannot be a Stevenson & have a sensitive feeling because we crush each other.  The sad thing is, we seem to not know where to draw the line.

Family is a trip cuz they always got jokes!

Side Note: Looking in the mirror when I got home Friday night, I guess that I could look like somebody’s light skinned, thick, locked & sexy Jesus but never an ugly one. 

Yesterday, I had Olivia take the photo above & I sent it to Juicy P & Cousin Dee & in the tile of the message was “Detroit’s 1st Ugly Jesus”.