Part 1: I hate when my kids are right & I am wrong about anything!  This evening when I got home, I had a photo session with Olivia & she begged me to le her put on some lip-gloss for the photos.  I told her no & she pouted until I threatened to cut her lips off.  As some point Sade came out side & handed Olivia the lip-gloss & I said donโ€™t even.

After 10 minutes into what we were doing, she asked again & I said go ahead because I got sick of her asking.  So with the quickness, she put on her strawberry lip-gloss & seconds later her lip-gloss was popping all over the place.  We took a few more photos & called it a wrap., as I put up my camera, she tanked me for letting her put on the lip gloss & I thanked her for modeling for me.

Call me protective or whatever but I want my girls to stay little!

So anyway, earlier tonight I was processing my images & could not help to notice that all of the photos that I took of Olivia with the lip-gloss looked so much better than the ones without.  I guess it added that something special that she only she knew about.

After I finished working on a few images, I called her down to see how things turned out & she was excited about the results.  Before she left to go back upstairs, I told her she was right about the lip-gloss & apologized for being an asshole it. Mindspill

Part II: Last Sunday Sade went to get her hair twisted, but before then she was rocking 2 old school style Afro puffs & I thought she looked really cute but she did not.

When I washed her hair 2 weeks ago, she was like all of the kids on the school bus (summer school) were going to tease her etc.  After her whining, I went into my love your beauty sermon but she was not feeling it AT ALL.  Well, the bottom line is, no matter what she had to wait 2 weeks for her appointment because my loctician was booked like a mutha & her cornrows were busted.

So Saturday night before the appointment I ceased the moment to get a few photos of Sade in her puffs, which is normally hard because she all but runs from the camera.

I took a few photos & that was that.

On the way to her appointment Sunday, I told her how much I love her puffs & she said that she did too.  That was the 1st time I heard her say that.  Most times when she is between braids she wears puffs for at most 2 days, so the 2 week wait was just to much for the chocolate diva.

She now has her twists in & we cannot tell her anything.  She has been dressing up all week & rocking her little dangly earrings.

What is it with Black girls & their hair??? Mindspill