After shooting today’s macro florals my, phone went off indicating I had a text message.

Once I put my gear up, I checked the message to get the sad news of Isaac Hayes’ death this afternoon.

I was taken aback & thought about how my aunt Val introduced me to his music many, many years ago & how we listened to it in her bedroom @ my grandmothers. I also thought about how my mom loves “Hot Buttered Soul” to death, then I smiled when I remembered the “warm salty nuts” “Chef/South Park” t-shirt that Suite Suzy gifted me once.

So today I dedicate my photos to the memory of Issac (see more here). Mindspill

On a similar note: I called one of my friends tonight & broke the news to her. During the conversation we both noted that death happens in threes & we both wondered who would be next. I said no matter what I hoped that it was not me. She then laughed & said nigga, I doubt that it will be a photographer, your just not big enough!!! I died with laughter (tacky pun not intended!).

On a unrelated note: With the Beijing shanking, the death of Bernie Mac, the war in Georgia, Kwame Kilpatrick facing yet another new (as of Friday night after his jail release) bond violation, John Edward’s pussy escapades & finally Isaac Hayes’ death, I wondered what the fuck else was going to jump off.  Well I got a call around 7pm from Cousin Dee’s Boo, the Yellow African.  He said, I have news, I was like I already know.  He was like, nigga no you don’t & I was like of shit, what is it???  He was like I proposed to your cousin & to that I said about damn time!

They are on their way over now for one of Suite Suzy’s fresh back pound cakes & champagne.  Hopefully this news broke the cycle of the drama that seems to be non-stop this weekend.