In a blog comment last night, I mentioned that I tuned into the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics & watched the entire thing in awe!

So many people perform synchronously like nothing I have ever seen before.  I think most will agree that the bar has been set as far as opening ceremonies go.

The type of production that the Chinese put on last night could never been done in the US because a) we are too fat, b) too lazy but yet busy & c) we don’t do shit for free to make the country look good.

I am not into all of the protest shit over the Olympics but I was hoping that the drama would die down but it did not.  Three Americans were arrested Friday during Tibetan protests & two mutha fuckas got shanked today & one died.

Damn, can you imaging getting shanked in another country, let alone China, home to led based toys?

Anyway, I’m out cuz I need to refill my cocktail glass & figure out why come shit is jumping off between Georgia & Russia after popping in a Bernie Mac DVD.