If we were in China now for the luckiest day of the year 8/08/08, would luck have saved defendant Kilpatrick’s ass today?

Here we are on the first day of the Olympics, the middle of a PGA tournament hosted in the Detroit area & no one gives a mutha-fuck! The only thing on the minds of Detroiters is defendant Kilpatrick’s dumb ass.

It was such a shame to see this story last night on CNN, MSNBC, NBC/CBS/ABC evening news. Let’s not even go there on the newspaper pot nationally & internationally where he made the front page. Shit, I think he got more press that Barack Obama!

So the mutha spent the night in jail in a green inmate suite last night, got released this morning on a 50k cash bond, has to be tethered & this was all before 10am. Just before 11 am, that nigga got hit with 2 more felony charges for attacking an officer. The two new counts can get him locked up for another 4 years if found guilty. On top of this, he got another bond set at 25k (he only has to produce 2.5k) at a 1pm jail house video arraignment.

I wonder what is on his damn mind after forking out 5250.00 to get out of jail this morning. His wife & kids are in Florida, his mamma has the worst wig in the city & yet he still smiles arrogantly portraying that I’m Kwame bitch façade.

It is past time for his ass to go but like I said, if he left it would not be because he decided to himself. The only way I see him leaving office is if he got …t and ….e. or the governor finally steps in and shuts him the fuck down.

Anyway, the break up of defendant Kilpatrick & the city of Detroit is coming & I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Like any good break up, the break up of defendant Kilpatrick & the city deserves a song & what could be more fitting than Anita Baker’s “No More Tears”?