MindspillAt 1134 am today, I was in a work meeting when my phone went crazy text messages, phones calls, emails & I was like what the fuck is going on. During a quick break, I read a text from Cousin Dee that read “Kwame is going to jail as we speak”, I responded “OMFG”

she replied back “YES BOO”, which made me shout out yes uncontrollably. My co-workers were like WTF.

I so could not wait to get up out of that damn meeting.

As soon as the meeting wrapped, I hot the door & called Baby (my sister), who had called me like 8 times while I was in the meeting. She was like where in the hell have you been & was like that nigga is in jail boo, he in jail, yalls boy is in jaillllllllllllllllllllllllllll. You know I was dying laughing to the point I peed on myself a little.

One thing about people without jobs is that they can keep up on all the gossip & news, which means she gave me an awesome blow by blow as only she could do. She reported that shit better than anyone could have.

You know I am so not into seeing brothas go down but in this case I am celebrating as soon as I get off. I am heading to “Super Liquor IV” to pick up some uncle rays Sweet BBQ chips & a bottle of Rangpur Tanqueray so that I can set it off while watching the news cause that shit is going to be hot tonight.

Wait, just talked to my mom & she said that they are doing a body cavity search on Kwame’s big ass & he will be wearing the orange murder suite. She made some calls to her peeps & got the goods.My thing is, who wants to get up into all that big black ass?

I cannot wait until they post his most recent mugshot.

If you don’t know what I am talking about here’s a Google link boo!

I on the phone with Cousin Dee as I type & she she question “I wonder what ‘that momma’ thanks?” I countered by saying “she probably wants to take her wig off & go downtown to fuck judge Ronald Giles up!”

Only in Detroit!

Baby just called & she let me know that the mugshot was online & he looks like a mutha fuckin’ damn fool!