My little road trip to Toronto this past weekend can be summed up in one word; RELAXING.

As I mentioned below, the trip was drama free & even agenda free. We planned on doing some things revolving around Caribana but nothing more.

During the trip, we took several slow relaxing walks around the city, slept in every day, ate wonderful meals & reconnected as one.

I wanted to really get out & do some shooting but I really did not feel like it so I just pulled the camera out every now & then. The only time I really got out my baby was at the Caribana parade, which was pretty fun.

The one thing that Suite Suzy & I left Toronto with was a longing to vacation in the Caribbean for our next one on one vacation. We tossed up Trinidad/Tobago, Cuba, St Marteen, or somewhere in Jamaica. Wherever we go, I just look forward to lying on my ass, drinking rum & watching beautiful sunsets with my boo.

If you are interested in seeing my shots from vacay, click here