MindspillI saw the midnight show of “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”, last night & it was the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 1st Mummy movie was awesome, the  2nd one was horrible but this one just plain kicked ass.  The fight sequences, the story line, the surprise elements (there were so many), and corny lines made for a super summer release.
This release in the franchise really appeased my love of fantasy & myths.  From the opening 5 minutes, I was hooked with tales of ancient China & during the movie, there were fantastical scenes that just blew me away especially when the hit the Himalayas, WOW!!!! And Jet Li was a real mutha fucka, who played that role to the bone!!!  It was almost hard to hate him as a bad guy.  At points, I was not sure who to root for (sometimes I do cheer on the antagonist).
I was surprised that the show was not sold out but that was OK, I got a great seat & no one was up on me (I hate that).
Anyway, If action adventure is your thing & you need to recover from the darkness from “The Dark Knight” go see it this weekend!!!
Wish I could say more but I am about to hit the road for my 4 hour drive to Toronto.