MindspillSo I just finished watching the 1st installment of CNN’s “Black In America” & I must say that I was dead on in my previously mentioned assumption, well maybe kinda.

Initially I thought I would learn nothing new but a few hours later I actually learned:

  1. If I died tomorrow & came back as a Black man in DC, I would not fuck any damn body. There is a lot of AIDS/HIV up in that bitch. 80% of newly diagnosed cases are Negroes. Dayyyuuummmm
  2. TD Jakes really does look like a greasy pig. There is no reason for him to be that rotund. I honestly thought I saw pork chop meat fly though his gap.
  3. There is such a thing as a strong 20%. How can you only have protected sex a strong 20%??? Strong 20% to me means 100% fucking loose all the time
  4. Soledad got on my nerves more than I thought

While watching, Cousin Dee & I were text messaging each other & I wish I could copy & paste it because it was a hot mess. The funniest thing that Cousin Dee sent me was “… so that whites could get a glimpse into what we go through in case Obama wins.” The funny thing is as you know, I so feel the same way

A lot of what I saw was not necessarily related to Black people, a lot of it could be anyone. Poverty affects everyone the same although geography may play a part in overall outcomes.

When they compared the family with the 6 kids in & going to college to the single mother struggling like a mutha with her 5 kids, I thought, what dies that have to do with race. That shit was socioeconomic.

I also thought & have held this position before, Black women need to stop giving up the pussy just to get a boo. Look bitches, most young men want some ass, a little head & good omelette, he does not want to be your knight in shining amour. Wait, that was a little harsh but all I am trying to say is stop trying to Mr. Right and giving him all you have (ass, cash, dignity) because with the number of available Black men on the streets means he is Mr. Right now & somebody else’s Mr. Right at 1115pm.

I talked to Suite Suzy about it & she wondered how much of it is the “Black condition” & how much is choice. I think this is a valid question.

  1. Does being Black in America make you want to fuck more
  2. Does being Black in America make you want to have unprotected sex
  3. Does being Black in America make you a prime candidate to be systematically disadvantaged
  4. Does being Black in America make you as a parent not aware that your young son is a gang banger
  5. Does being Black in America make you a charity case
  6. Does being Black in America make you an unlikely “Project Runway” fan

Did you watch? Did you learn anything? Did anything turn you off?

I could go on & on so I hope you get what I mean. Talk to me.