Mindspill If anyone else emails me about watching CNN’s “Black In America” program I am going to snap!!! To date, I got 14 messages about watching the program & then last week I was contacted by a PR firm asking me to put something on my blog to promote the special & guess what, I’m not. I am not getting paid & there is nothing in it for me, so fuck that.

While I am interested in the program, I also think it is a program geared towards whites, shit I have been Black in America for quite a while so. I say this because we know our shit is fucked up, we write books, have blogs, circulate giving talks, work in out reach programs, we know us.

The last email from a friend about BIA was from BFB & I responded with:

“I think that it’s going to be good but I really think they planned this so that white America can start to get to know more about black folk just in case a negro lands in the white house.

I will be watching & ready to critique.”

And another thing, I find Soledad O’brien annoying & not looking forward to hearing her nasally voice off & on for 4 hours.