Mindspill So I finally was able to get a ticket today to see Batman: “The Dark Knight”.  I was going to take Sade because she liked the last Batman (“Batman Returns”) movie but when it was time to go, she said no & I am happy that she did.   “The Dark Knight” is not a kids movie by any means!!!!!!

The newest installment of the Batman franchise is no joke and blows the lid off of the other releases on many levels.

The plot line was fairly basic but the twists & turns along the way were very unexpected.

Christian Bale had another stellar performance but I think he was upstaged by Heath Ledger’s demented “Joker” character.  I had heard a few stories about Heath being nominated for an Oscar & I now know why.  It was almost scary watching him & I can almost see why he offed himself.  Perhaps he got caught up in the mystique & craziness of the Joker. 

If any other Oscars are mentions, they should definitely be for make-up & cinemaphotography

At one point during the car chase scene, I thought I was going to go into a seizure because it was so visually stimulating.  It was way intense!!!

It was so intense, I am going back to see it Tuesday on IMax.

I wish I could say more but there is so much to say, I will leave it to the real movie critics.  I will totally recommend carving out 2.3 hours and be ready for loads of ass kicking action & delicious violence.