MindspillWhat do the 3 light skinneded “characters” in the image on the right all have in common? They all got caught up in hot dick & nuts & ultimately got fucked over in the end!!!

Watching & reading the local Detroit news for the last few months has been a dramatic rollercoaster filled with juicy sexy details, scandal, verbal bitch slaps & lawsuits.

Over the last few weeks details of a sludge removal deal approved by the Detroit city council has been under scrutiny because apparently, several city council members (most notably Monica Conyers, congressman John Conyers’ wife, who also happens to be the bitch that got read a by a student for calling another city council member Shrek ) were bribed into approving the multi million dollar deal.

Although the bribe allegations are shocking but not necessarily surprising, the story on really gets juicy when you factor in the fact that a local television newscaster Fanchon Stinger may have had her finger in the cookie jar as well.

When the details started to uncover that Fanchon was involved, watching the news coverage was like watching an episode of “Passions” mixed with “The Apprentice”.

Apparently, Fanchon got caught up with Rayford Jackson, a married man who I have seen her out & about with.  Rayford had Fanchon doing shit that a woman of status should not be doing, like being his jump off piece/stand by pussy. Setting up deals that cause serious conflicts of interest and anything else.

I first saw Fanchon & Rayford at a party last year & when I saw them, I was like, why is she with that pimp & where is her paid white husband???  Well after the party I found out that he left her.

Anyway at this party, I noticed Fanchon following Rayford around like a puppy dog, even holding his drink & handing it to him when he motioned for it to take a sip.  I just thought that it looked like a mess for her to be seen like that.

Anyway, when this story broke, I was fucked up & knew that it was over for her all because she got caught up in the dick, married dick.

Here in an excerpt form the Detroit News:

Stinger has had several luxury cars registered in her name.

She is the registered owner of a 2007 Rolls Royce and is also registered as leasing a 2008 Lexus LS 460, according to Michigan Secretary of State records.

Other public records show Stinger has had a 2006 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, a 2005 BMW 7-Series and a 2002 Jaguar S Type registered in her name in the past.

A new Rolls Royce retails for more than $300,000 without extras and the 2006 Ferrari for more than $250,000.

Stinger, who joined Fox 2 as an investigative reporter in 1997 and became an anchor in 2004, was paid about $325,000 a year by Fox 2 Detroit in 2005, according to divorce records.

At this point, Fanchon has been looked at by the FBI, she lost her 325,000 newscaster job with the local Fox affiliate & everyone knows her damn business.  I guess Rayford hit that shit so deep that she forgot who the fuck she was & just got lost in the process.  It is very fascinating for me to see how women lose their damn minds for hot dick & nuts.

So to bring this to a wrap, when I was at BFB’s wedding reception last week, I talked to some friends, a mother & daughter.  I asked them how they felt about Fanchon Stinger & Christine Beatty giving light skinned woman a bad name.  They both cracked up.  I then said the days of the light skinned woman’s popularity was numbered & that they would soon be out of style.

The daughter replied, “light sinned women will never be out of style no matter what. It is light skinned men that are out of style never to come back.”  Then her & her mom did a high five, what could I say to that.

I later told Suite Suzy that she was out of style & she told me to shut my out of style ass up.  I guess we as a couple really don’t need to be in style.