Taken from an interview amongst friends:
Bygbaby: Do you know the nation anthem, can you sing it?
Tafari: I do not know the words but I can hum along if pressed

Bygbaby: Do you the Black national anthem, can you sing it
Tafari: Ummm, yeah!  I know it by heart & can sing it at a moments notice

Bygbaby: Do your kids know either of these anthems?
Tafari: No, but I have thought about teaching them the Black national anthem, I just have not gotten there yet.  No thoughts on the other.
I was on the Field Negro’s blog today & spotted a story about one of my favorite contemporary jazz singers René Marie.  It looks like René was selected to sing the national anthem in Denver for an address given by the mayor of the city.  I will let you see for yourself what jumped off.

When the video started playing, I said OH SHIT!!!!  What we’s gone do now… After she finished her performance, I thought I heard a mouse fart in that room because it got so damn quite.

From Cleveland.com:

“A lot of attention has been paid to a recent political performance by noted Denver jazz singer René Marie.

People have called the performance inappropriate.

Marie, no stranger to Cleveland Heights’ Nighttown, was invited to sing the national anthem before Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper’s State of the City address last week. But when she took the stage, Marie performed a song called, “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing,” also known as the Negro national anthem by some.

It’s a powerful Negro spiritual. But since America is only about 11 percent black, most Americans have never heard of the song.

Marie, a talented vocalist and intellect, knows this.
Yet she was content to leave many of the folks attending Denver’s State of the City address with horrified looks as she made an inspired mockery of ceremony.

Indeed, for sheer shock value, Marie, could have hardly been more provocative — or artistically inappropriate — if she had simply sung “Dixie,” or broke into a chorus of Lil’ Wayne’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”…”

From Associate Content:

“In a surprise attempt at artistic expression, singer Chanteuse René Marie blended the national anthem with James Weldon Johnson’s “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing,” which is commonly referred to as the “Black National Anthem.” To make matters worse, this impromptu artistic and political statement was made during Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper’s annual State of the City address.

In response, to this faux pas, The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that the Denver City Council is being hammered with hate-filled messages. With eyes already looking towards Denver because of the August 25th Democratic National Convention, the singing of “The Black National Anthem” is a racially and politically charged stunt that will have major implications for Barack Obama, the Democrats, and Denver.

Chanteuse René Marie says she doesn’t have any regrets. In fact, she is quoted in the Rocky Mountain News as saying “You have to risk things.”

I tell you I love it!!!  René made a powerful statement & I appreciate her for that & her daring to go there.  What I found most interesting is the fact that people tried to tie this to Barack Obama WTF…. I want to know who he can’t be tied to.

René did a excellent interview about this drama with Michelle Martin on “Tell Me More”.  If you have another 7 minutes on your hands, have a listen.

I know her critics are out of their fucking minds for jumping off with overtly racist feedback. Furthermore, I am happy to know that she is holding her ground with an apology.

René, you go boo!!!

P.S. Why must we Negroes. love America to fucking death? We were up in this bitch before the majority of the Europeans. We built this bitch & we have freedom of speech & expression just like anyone else. Check the constituion cuz we as a people certainly do not owe you shit.