Why I’m not getting the new iPhone 3g:

  • I’m broke
  • I would have to sign another 2 year contract
  • I would be forced to get the new 3g service plan, which is 10 dollars more & 5 bucks if you want a minimum pf 200 text messages.  So with both, that brings the data package to 35 bucks on top of your minute plan
  • The only difference in the new iPhone vs the old is GPS capability & that is not something that I need
  • The software upgrade 2.0 is available for my current iPhone so I get some of the same things just maybe slower in terms of using AT&T’s network
  • I don’t want to spend another 200 bucks on a disposable item

So for the record, AT&T is a bitch!  Today I spent 10 minutes on the phone with a sales person trying to figure out my bill & minute plan. My minute plan is 59.99 per month for 900 minutes & I had early nights & weekends, which is 8.99 per month (now cancelled).  I also found out that I have like 6000 roll over minutes. The real kicker is that I’m paying over 10 bucks in taxes!!!!!!  I guess I need to start reading my bill. I tried to get a cheaper plan but the next step down was 450 minutes for 39.99 per month, which is not enough because my average over the last 4 months was 407.  Basically I could get ate alive in overage fees & I am not willing to risk that.  So I will continue to get raped by AT&T until this damn contract is up. ………….

I am however, going to get the Mobile Me service offered by Apple.  It looks cool & worth the 100 bucks for convenience. With all this said, I still have the right to back peddle & get the iPhone 3g.

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