Last Friday Sade & I hung out for the day for some brother/sister (“Brother/Sister” is my favorite Brand New Heavies Album!) time.  We started with that voter registration drive that I mentioned below.  After the voter registration piece, we did a little lunch & then decided to go to the movies to see “Hancock”.  After seeing previews of “Hancock” I was not all that thrilled to see it but Sade seemed pretty excited about it, so we hit it up.

I walked into the theater with no real expectation to be entertained but I was open minded (I guess).  The movie kinda started off with some of the stuff that was played on TV for press but started to take off after the 1st thirty minutes.

The ending story line was a trip (in a good way) & unexpected.  I left the theater feeling satisfied that my 13.50  was well spent/  I also walked away wondering when I will see a Will Smith movie when he has a BLACK love interest.  “Enemy of the State” & “Independence Day” is not enough IMO.

Ok enough of that….

After the movie, I decided to head to the Detroit Taste Fest or City Fest, whatever.  Sade did not want to go but, guess who had the car keys boo!

So 45 minutes later we arrive at the Taste Fest & make our rounds to the various vendors, did some people watching & chit chatting with random friends.  We chilled for a couple of hours then it was time to go & I was getting tired.

As we were walking out, I spotted the concert schedule for one of the stages & it said Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 performing @ 530.  I was like Sade, we gotta see this, which resulted in her doing some eye rolling & teeth sucking.  I could not be mad at that because I felt her.  It was a long day.

We had like 20 minutes before the show started & managed to get seats up front which were cool because I did not have my 70-200mm lens.

It’s now 530 & the show is actually starting, then Egypt 80 (Fela Kuti’s original band) walks out to energize the crowd.  They performed a few songs & were JAMMING!  They sounded so damn good!!!

So after a few cuts, Seun was introduced as he walked on stage with these tight ass wrinkled angel flight pants with a coordinating polyester shirt.  I was thinking to myself, I know this nigga did not come all the way here with no damn iron. If the pants were ironed he would have looked more together.  I’m just saying.

Anyway, Seun put on a great show & had the crowd going.  His vocals almost made it seem like I was listening to his father.  The song themes were similar if not the same and still empowering.

During the performance Seun danced his ass off & so much that it seemed like his pants got tighter.  Eventually the polyester shirt came off & the ladies were like take it off baby!  Minutes later, I think we all got more than we bargained for.

After the shirt came off the next song that he set off was a cover of Fela’s ”Suffering & Smiling”.  During the instrumental intro, Sade was like didn’t we just hear that in the car,  then she said, I thought he was dead, which made me laugh.  “Suffering & Smiling” is my jam so I joined the crowd by dancing, singing, & cheering on the band.

Half way through the body of the song Seun started doing this weird booty thrust dance move & next thing you know his dick was hard & popping up & down.  The ladies were really geeked now.  I could not believe that I was watching a skinny, singing, shirtless nigga with a hard dick popping around on stage in the middle of Detroit.  I was like I gotta get out of here because it was a little too much & I was with my child.  The last thing I want to expose my kids to is light pornography.

As I was leaving the area. I ran into a friend/local international celeb who knows Seun & Femi Kuti & he said that Seun is good but cannot compete with his brother.  Apparently, Femi is more energetic, has better looking girls & a little more original.  And according to this friend who I will call AF, said that Femi is not as nasty & horny on stage.  I laughed & we parted ways.

So catching up to the other day, I posted a comment about me seeing Seun on the “Black Cool” Blog’s  “Happy 4th Everyone!” post:

“Ooooo you know I love Fela! I saw his son Seun perform in Detroit on the 4th.

He covered Suffering & Smiling & set it off. The women in the crowd or up least up front where I was were very excited especially when he got a spontaneous erection.

I was so turned off & pissed off. I was with one of my kids.


Then the Invisible Woman followed my comment by saying “Love it! and I am referring to the video and not bygbaby’s comment…lol!” 

Then the Invisible Woman came here & called me out with the following comment:

“Hey yo….why didn’t you write about seeing Seun Kuti? I was lmao at your comment on Black Kool—I told you I went to see him too…want to hear about your perspective….I wrote about mine on my blog.

Dude does seem pretty horny tho–those tight ass pants were the first indication!”

She cracked me up with that last line because I was thinking the same damn thing miles away.  So then I go peep her post out & read the following

“…Seun is an entertainer, but what caught my attention more was the fact that Mr. Kuti looked like he’d been raiding his father’s 70’s closet. He had on a bright polyester floral shirt unbuttoned down to his navel, and the tightest white Angel Flight pants one could ever witness in their life. I haven’t seen anything like it since “Saturday Night Fever”. Tho admittedly, but the end of the show, he was half-naked, which seems to be some sort of trademark of his….” Mindspill

I guess the bottom line is ladies or gents, if you are into hot dick & nuts along with some ass popping, check out Seun when he hits your town.  No seriously, he did put on a good show but homeboy is mos def hot in the pants!

Oh and by the way, speaking of hot, his new album “Many Things” a must have for the Afro Beat lover.