Mindspill After not doing a food post for well over a month, I seem to be back with a vengeance with my Bygbaby Cooks post. I hope my domestic side is not boring you to death because I’m having fun working on recipes, tweaking old one & getting bigger in the process.

I do enjoy mixing cocktails & experimenting with fruits juices & liquors. I test a lot of my recipes out on friends when we have parties & I have only had one drink bomb over the years.

Many friends come over & before they sit down, they ask me to fix drinks. My first reaction is oh yeah, let’s do this, my 2nd reaction is bitch do I look like Isaac!

Anyway today I was craving delicious thirst refreshment after a long busy holiday weekend making Quench, selling Quench & running the streets. My raspberry lime spritzer was just what I needed to get my mind right & ready to face the real world tomorrow.

– Fresh or frozen raspberries
– Seltzer or club soda
– Simple Syrup
– 1 Lime
– Gin (I prefer Rangpur Tanqueray)

Simple Sugar Procedure:
– Combine 1 cup of sugar with ½ a cup of water & a cup of raspberries in a small pot and bring to boil.
– Take a swig of your gin
– Reduce heat and let simmer 10 to 15 minutes.
– Allow to cool.

The finished product consistency should be the consistency of honey & deliciously sweet.

>>>>OK, now the fun part!<<<<
– Fill your highball glass with ice
– Pour one finger worth of gin or two if you want or need to be fucked up
– Spoon over 2-4 tablespoons your freshly made raspberry simple syrup
– Squeeze in some fresh lime juice then fill the remainder of the glass with seltzer of club soda
– Stir & serve

I garnished with lime and a few whole raspberries because I like pretty drinks. And yes, really men do like pretty & fruity drinks!

BTW, I’m using my left over raspberry simple syrup to drizzle over some French vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmmmm!