4th of July Weekend Baar Bazaar

Hey Detroiters, I know your ashy so come & get stocked up on Quench Essentials this Saturday!!! Discounts are offered on our body mousses & moisture bars!!!!!!!!!!!!

As always it is free admission and an awesome mix of vendors selling vintage and handmade clothing, comic books, records, indie crafts and art, candy, jewelry, bath and body products, old toys and collectibles!

Other Hot Vendors Include:
Reware Vintage
Black Water Gallery
The Knifey Moloko
TJ’s Vintage
Blackened Ruby
Rinaco Designs
You (of course)
Yummy Town
Sliptease Vintage
Detroit Dollface
2D Productions

Three super cool band are also booked to play – Art Fag, Bad Party, & Deastro

Also available for purchase @ my table: I Love Black People Tee’s only found @ Spectacles!!!!!