Yesterday before my stats class, I had a deep conversation with myself about the reality of me passing this class.  I have been working hard to get through but at the same time I have not been able to focus fully like I should or wanted to.  So during the conversation, I stopped in Wholefoods for my expensive cherries & some two-bite brownies to decrease my level of stress.

So I check out mid self-conversation & realized that I just spent 12 bucks on cherries but that was the least of my worries because I had a stats test in 30 minutes.

It’s now 6pm & I scroll into the class room after enjoying 4 brownies & 8 cherries thinking this test is going to be a bitch.

25 minutes later, the test is over & I have a major headache.  At this point, I said to myself, it’s time to drop this bitch.

After class, I had 4 more brownies to help get my mind right & I called Suite Suzy & BFB to abut my decision to drop.  Suite Suzy said to drop & refocus in the fall or winter semester & she will help me get through it.  BRB was like don’t give up but maybe you need to but don’t do it before talking to the instructor.

On the drive home I spotted some musk thistle in full bloom & pulled over to capture the moment.  For the 10 minutes that I photographed the flowers, I forgot all about my troubles.  So I guess photography is my drug of choice, because it took me away from my reality momentarily. Mindspill

It’s now 1215am & I decided to email the instructor with my thoughts on dropping.  He got back with me in the am & was like you need to drop.  So I email back & asked if it was conceivable that I could at least get a C.  He responded back with, are you serious?  Um, you got a 50.4 on the mid term & did even worse on the last test.

So tomorrow will be the beginning of the end when I officially go to him to have my drop slip signed.

I am bittersweet about it because, since I went back to school as an adult, I have done well in all of my classes.  On the other hand, I have so many things that I can & need to get done with the time I have on my hands.

One of my projects includes submitting 10 photos to Getty Images to be proofed so that I can become a stock contributor.  I applied last week & passed the little tests, now I just need to have the quality of my images reviewed.  I am excited about the process but at the same time afraid.

Another project is to clean my garage.  It has not been the same since Suit Suzy had that garage sale 2 years ago.