Back Story: Noureen is Sade’s big sister through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  They have been a pair for the last 4 years & have a great relationship.

Last year when Noureen got married to Adbulkalid, she asked Sade to be one of her bridesaids at her Shaadi (Pakistani brides reception) & I think it was quite a journey for Sade.

Sade struggled a bit in her saari but she looked great in it & I was so proud of my little sister!

We are all super happy for Noureen & Abdulkalid & the future that the they will build together! Mindspill Mindspill

What Happened Yesterday: The Shaadi was scheduled to start @ 6 but I got there at 5 to drop Sade off so that she could get into her saari with the other bridesmaids.  After I had her set, I chilled in my car for a good 1½ hours waiting on Suite Suzy, Olivia & Amelia to show up.

It’s now 630 & a few people start to trickle in but not as many as I thought for the event to start @ 6 right….

So now we are sitting at a table & people are still slowly coming in.  I questioned Suite Suzy about the time & she said it started at 6 & there was even a program on the table.

About 7ish, someone announced that appetizers were being served so the fam went to see what was available & came back with plates loaded with Pakistani delights, none of which I was interested in.  I am not a fan of Pakistani food & I am not a fan of lamb or goat meat at all, so this event was going to be a challenge.

It’s now after 8 & the even still has not kicked off & people are still slowly coming in & I was hungry as hell & had a headache from all the sprite I drank.  So I decided to go to the bar to get some wine because I figured that I needed a buzz to enjoy the event since food was not going to do it.  Once at the bar & begged for a Chardonnay & he said, we don’t have that here, then I asked for a Zinfidel & he said we don’t have that here.  So I was like, what do you have.  He said pop, water or tea.  I then asked why come, I need a DRANK!  He then looked at me like I was a fool & said, we do not serve alcohol at Muslim events.  I was like damn & went back to my seat disappointed! 

When I got back to the table, I told Suite Suzy that I had to bounce early cuz with a lack of edible food & drink, this is not my type of party.  Yeah I know I was supposed to be in the spirit ect ect ect but wedding receptions equals, dancing, drinks & food to me.

I did wind up staying until 1030 & actually had a nice time but I had to go.  Before I left I had a conversation with a friend of mine Ousama, who had showed up at 9.  I told him that I could not believe that things started to late.  He then looked at me with a smile on his face & said, didn’t you know that Pakistanis run late for everything just by nature.  That is why he came at 9, which was pretty much when things started to move.

Later Suite Suzy told me that someone else had told her that a few days ago.

Anyway, it’s now 1045 & I am at the Popeye’s drive up window ordering a 2 piece spicey (breast & wing), with red beans & rice mashed potatoes & 2 peppers.  7 bucks & some change later I was wondering why Popeye’s is so damned expensive.

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