School Sucks – My blogging is sucking as of late because of time constraints, I am left to do updates, so bare with me for a few weeks as I struggle in this damn statistics class, which I am failing as we speak.

I took the first test this past Monday & got a 50% on that bitch. I am not giving up though! If I have to take it again, at least I will have a leg up. Stay tuned!!!

My New Whip – Last week before the trip to NYC, I picked up my new car & got rid of my gas guzzling SUV. I did not get the Prius like I wanted because of the jacked trade-in drama (poor me)! I winded up getting the Saturn Aura XE, which I liked from a far, I just wanted a hybrid. . I got a great deal on the car, 2000 cash incentive, GM discount & the have me 10k for my car (Toyota tried to give me 8k).

After riding high for the last 6 years, I’m getting used to riding lower but I keep bumping my head when I get in & out. The ride is very nice & super quite & ooooooooooooo, that new car smell is sexy enough to make me juice my draws.

Like most guys, I don’t like to read instruction manuals, which means that I am still figuring out shit. Today I saw that I had lumbar support & automatic seats, this discovery made me smile.

One thing that I’m really loving on the car is the XM radio that it came with. I discovered a really nice jazz station “Watercolors” & “The Move”, which is a nice house station. My kids are digging the Disney station but it gives me a headache. Mindspill

I Love Getting Packages – Who says money cannot buy you friends? For 460 bucks, my new Nikkon 50mm f/1.2 lens will be my friend for life! He arrived straight from Japan just at just the right moment yesterday & we have been having some fun. This new friend will take some getting used to because he is a manual old school lens.

I meet this young guy in NYC last week and he had one on his camera & I asked to see it & he was like sure it I let him play with my 85mm f/1.8. We swapped for about 30 minutes & I knew I had to have a 50mm f/1.2 for myself. This lens is starting to get hard to find in the US especially new. Stayed tuned for some kick ass night shots taken with this bad boy. Mindspill

Politricks – Yesterday, when I was walking out of my office, my cell rung & it was from some weird number but I still answered. It was a woman from the Obama campaign calling to tell me that they just opened up a campaign office in my area & she wanted to know if I would be interested in volunteering. Like a fool, I said yes, with excitement, like it was him asking me himself.

I go for the orientation next week, & I told her up front that I am not doing the door-to-door thing. Since I am all ready pimped out for time, I will be limiting myself to helping out to 2-3 times per month. Yes, I am caught up in an Obamafied state, but a brother has to watch his time budget.

Speaking of Obama, I ordered some campaign buttons 2 weeks ago & my shit better show up this week or I’m jumping the fuck off!

So today Ralph Nader put his foot in his “white speaking” mouth & said “… I haven’t heard him have a strong crackdown on economic exploitation in the ghettos. Payday loans, predatory lending, asbestos, lead. What’s keeping him from doing that? Is it because he wants to talk white? He doesn’t want to appear like Jesse Jackson? We’ll see all that play out in the next few months and if he gets elected afterwards…”

Honestly speaking, I feel what Nader is saying, he just said it sooooo very wrong. And from my recollection, he is right, I have not heard anything comprehensive from Obama on these issues, but I also have not heard them from Nader or McCain. Who ever becomes president will have to address issues in the Black community but he will also need to address the nation as a whole. I just know that we will put a lot of stock into Obama to help solve our collective needs but we need to also look at the big picture.

Moving on, last week, while at dinner with blogging buddies, I asked them if they thought Michelle Obama would rock some corn-rows up in the White House if Barack got elected. We all laughed but all said that she would. What do you think?

The question that is circling my mind this week is, if Barack was elected, would he apologize for slavery if the issue came back up from Civil Rights groups or if it was reintroduced in Congress. Actually, if I attend another town hall meeting & have the chance to ask the question, I will ask him myself. It’s not a deal breaker for me but I want to know what he thinks. I would also ask the same question to Turkey Neck McCain. Thoughts???

Other Bullshit News – Is the Supreme Court out of their fucking minds??? 1st, I think capital punishment needs to be in all states because some mutha fuckers just need to be killed for some of the shit that they do; point blank!!! Today, them Supreme Court fools stated that it is unconstitutional to issue the death penalty to anyone convicted of raping a child, assuming that the child is not merked.

What about the child being damaged for life physically & mentally???

If anything tried to lay a hand on one of my daughters, it will be a scene out of John Grisham’s novel “A Time to Kill” jumping off up in this bitch!

Will someone shut Don Imus the fuck up! I listened to his comment a few times over the last few days & his excuse is just not gelling. I think he needs to get dropped off on 29th & Broadway so the “Niggas” that were about to beat my ass have a little talk with him.