I’ve finally finished going through all of my NYC photos. I took almost 600 photos, of which 200 were trash, 100 were close duplicates & the rest made for hard decisions on what to post because I cannot post them all, well I could but why.

During the trip, my one & only goal was to photo the Brooklyn Bridge & the photoshoot that I was scheduled for, everything else was just gravy.

Bygbaby.com Mindspill

My trip had a few too many dramatic moments but over all an unforgettable trip with a few lessons learned.

Suite Suzy & I did some good eatin’ & I did some good cocktailing!!!!!!! There is something about NYC that makes me lose my mind when it comes to delicious cocktails & I realized this yesterday on the plane home! x pomegranate rum punches, x caipirinhas, x mojitos, x bombay & tonic & a bottle of Strawberry Hill (just kidding!!!). I guess you can say I was a bit of a lush. Now it is back to reality, statistics, children running around & of course the presidential election which is enough to make me pour a drink right now.

Speaking of politics, I tuned in to “Meet The Press” this morning & saw that Brian Williams is hosting. My first question was why him, my second was why doesn’t he do something about those tan lines around his eyes. I find BW to be very anal & monotoned, basically boring. At the end of the show, he announced that Tom Brokaw would be taking over until after the election. Can you say boring!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate to jock a dead man, but they will not find anyone to fill Tim Russert’s shoes.

On a similar note, when I was showering this am, I wondered if BET thought about trying to do a news program to cover the election. I mean, you have a Negro running, for the White House & BET has no news programming. I guess the question really is, why am I asking such a stupid question.

Speaking of Negroes & politics. I think I got dissed on the Sugar & Spice blog. Sugar turned her blog into a Hillary Clinton love spot/Barack Obama make the nigga go away spot.

For a while there were some hot debates going on there between supports of both candidates but then it seemed like Billary haters were not commenting any more??? Then I noticed that my comments were no longer being posted.

Last week, I left 2 comments to a few really over the top posts about Barack Obama & days later they are still MIA. I really don’t care but I do but I really don’t. No really!

Why blog & have commenting an option if you are moderating out opposing view points?

Her POV is her POV, point blank but I think she lost her mind, based on some of the topics & pretty saddening language.

I am not trying to start a blog jump off because I think Sugar is cool (before she was brainwashed) but I had to get that off my mind.

Anyway, if you are interested in seeing more images, check them out here.