MindspillFor the past six years, I depended on Suite Suzy to navigate us while on our NYC anniversary trip.   She knows NYC like the back of her hand so I just followed blindly.  This most recent trip was going to be different than the rest because it was part business & part vacation.  The business part was hers (conference), which meant that I had an entire day to myself.

Since she was wrapped up until 5pm Weds-Fri, I had to make my own event agenda & plan my own transit. 

Wednesday, I planned to walk the Brooklyn Bridge & was led to the 6 train.  Wow, me in NYC riding the subway by myself, scary!!!  So I made it to the BB with no incident, had a light nasty lunch before my walk & then got my nerve up to walk across.

I was really surprised by the foot traffic on the bridge, it seemed like everybody & their mama was walking across either way.  Once I got to the mid point of the bridge, I stopped for a breather & enjoyed the breeze that was cooling the sweat beads on my face.  I also looked around & saw the Statue of Liberty, & the Manhattan skyline off in the distance.  Then I looked a little closer to me & saw two young couples having their picture taken after their city hall wedding (the modest white dresses & leggy bodega bouquet was the marriage indication).

After the BB, I walked around Brooklyn Heights a bit & did some people watching.  The area looks like it is in the process of gentrification, which I later confirmed.

Instead of taking the BB back & hoping on the subway, I decided to hike down the Manhattan Bridge (I was really out of my mind).  Let me tell you, it was one long walk back & the MB was much less exciting to walk across than the BB. 

Anyway, once back on Manhattan, I walked quickly through China Town so that I could sit for a bit & cool my heels while wetting my whistle at Sal Anthony’s in Little Italy.  By the time I got to Sal’s I was so exhausted that I just about collapsed in my chair before demanding a bottle Pellegrino & lime.  Let me tell you, this was the best bottle of Pellegrino ever!!!

Later in the week, I also braved the subway system a bit more with trips to the UN, Junior’s, SoHo, & Times Square.  I was a bit nervous because I feared getting lost but everything worked out. 

By the end of the week, I was really confident with my navigation skills, which impressed Suite Suzy & I clocked about 12 miles in foot traffic. Mindspill