Well from my post below, you could see that the trip got off to a good start, cool right???? Suite Suzy & I never made it to Junior’s in Brooklyn for lunch but we did make it to the Junior’s @ Grand Central Station, which was ALMOST as good.

After lunch we were walking back to the hotel & talking about various things blah, blah, blah.  Then we come to the intersection of Park & 36th where the cars were lined up waiting to go down 36th.  Since we had the right of way, we walked in between cars like others, no big deal right???  Well it was a big deal for me.  Just before I got past this cab, he speed up & hit me.  Yes, I fucking got hit by a damn cab while walking.

After I got up off my ass, I launched into a niggafied attack & asked the cab driver why the fuck did he hit me.  “Why did you hit me BITCH”,  “Are you fucking BLIND”,  “I cannot believe you just tried to run my black ass over”.  The bitch ass cab driver was like I’m sorry, I did not mean to do it.  I then went into a blind ghetto rage & said “fuck you bitch” then out of no where took my 10 lb camera bag and swung it at his car making a major dent in the drivers side door.

At this point, I had a moment of clarity & was like OMG, did I just swing my camera bag at this bitch????  All the while the cab driver was like I’m sorry, I’m sorry etc.  Moments later, I walked off & he then shouted to me to suck his cock (yeah, he was white).  I shouted back, suck MY cock you dumb BITCH.  Actually, I was the dumb bitch, a) for not punching him in the face b) for swinging my camera bag & c) for totally losing my cool.

Anyway, so now Suite Suzy & I continue to walk down Park & all the while I just kept saying, “I cannot believe what just happened”.  About the 15th time I said, “I cannot believe what just happened”, this fat white chick with a tongue ring & flip-flops (I  hate flip-flops) popped out of no where & was like “excuse me mister, can I ask you a few questions?”  “I said no, you cannot ask me shit (I was still pissed)”.  She looked shocked & said, “well I like your dreads” (why did she do that).  I then said, “I do not have dreads, I have locks, do I look like a goddam Rastafarian????  Do some research you dumb ass.”  Suite Suzy was like, let’s get you back to the room before you end up on Rikers Island tonight.

After we got back to the room, I called all my friends & told them what jumped off & of course, like any good storyteller, I had to add new & juicier elements to the story.  I actually became laughable after telling the story for the 8th time (by this time it involved stitches, a police report, some ecstasy pills, a black eye & some semen).

The day progressively got better & ended us seeing “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”, which was EXCE-FUKING-LLENT & a must see if you get the chance before the end of it’s run, which is this coming weekend.  It was soooooooooooooo much better than what I expected (I actually did not know what to expect) & the cast was phenomenal, especially Terrance Howard aKa “Super Perm”.

The day ended with a bomb meal from Victor’s Cuban Café, (one of our must eat at spots) & me repeating the car accident story one more time to my sister, who asked if I beat his ass.

Tomorrow, while Suite Suzy, is in her conference; I will be walking the Brooklyn bridge & trying to find others things of photographic interest before dinner with a few blogging friends.