MindspillTwenty-five minutes ago I was parked outside gate A74 at the DTW Northwest terminal, now I’m at cruising altitude making my way to LGA.

After whining & complaining to Suite Suzy, she agreed to switch seats with me so that I could have the window seat (thx boo). My plane lands around 12 & I cannot wait to get out off this flying sardine can to breath the horrible NY air.

The drama with the TSA was minimal so far compared to last time. & there was no hot ghetto mess.  I am starting to think that maybe the old DTW terminal (where I usually fly out of) has all of the rock bottom TSA agents.

The flight attendant doing the beverage service is now 7 rows ahead & I am preparing to order a cup of ice because I refuse to buy water when I’m paying to check my bag on top of all kinds of new extra fees.

I think after hotel check in Suite Suzy & I are going to Brooklyn to do lunch @ Junior’s.  I LIKE their food, Suite Suzy LOVES it, but I do LOVE their pineapple cheese pie (stay tuned for a photo).

Flashback thoughts: When I take off & land, I must do it to music, fuck the FAA & it’s dumb no small electronic devices rule (FAR 91.21).  Yeah right, my iPod is going to down an Airbuus 320!  When I used to be flight attendant years ago & we “dead headed” (flying the plane with no passengers) we always had on a radio laptops, dvd’s etc.

:::::By the way, I am enjoying my ice now.:::::

Anyway… My take off song for this trip was “Do For You” by Heavy, I love this song & skipped through like 6 songs before I settled on it.  My take off song usually sets the tone for my trip, kinda weird but it is a ritual.  My favorite take off song of all time is “Feels Like Right” by the Brand New Heavies (there’s a great long story behind why; maybe later).

While on the flight I decided that Al Green’s new album “Lay It Down” will be my theme music for the NY trip (every tri needs theme music).  I love me some Al Green!

So I’m off the plane now & the trip is off to a good start, the touch down was smooth & I was listening to ”Free to Fly” by Marlena Pérez (ironic). We got our bags within 15 minutes of landing which was way cool, but now we are in a dirty towncar driven by a high yellow bald Domincan who has on filthy jeans.  I expected more than a Gypsy Cab for 55 bucks.