MindspillPart 1: This morning, I would up to a lovely breakfast prepared by my boo; eggs, hash browns, sausages & some frosty orange juice. After breakfast, I went back to lay down a little bit, basking in the glow of niggaitis.

The ladies are treating me pretty good today. I got a nice new pair of Cole Haan Sandals & a 2 year subscription to JPG magazine. As we speak, Sade & Suite Suzy are preparing my kings dinner of true Negro fixins (collars, macaroni cheese, honey bbq chicken, corn on the cob, corn muffins & for dessert, caramel cashew brownies).

The only thing fucking today up is all the studying that I have to do for my statistics class because I have a quiz tomorrow.

Part II: It was very easy for me to become a father both times, I mean really easy. All I needed was my boo to be willing to release an egg to one of my eager sperm. Once she was willing, a few quick pumps & a nap later, voila I was a father.

The hard part (not really all that hard), the part I love & treasure was participating in prenatal care visit, watching my seed grow in fertile ground & then seeing perfection enter the world.

Being a father is a no brainer once you bust that nut. Sticking around to be a dad for the long haul taking care of business, providing love discipline, education etc is what it is really all about.

I think someone @ Hallmark should evaluate the meaning of father & consider something that is more encompassing on what it takes to be a male parent.

So anyway, 1st happy fathers day to all the baby mammas out there serving as bother mom & dad because sometimes niggas ain’t shit. 2nd happy fathers day to all the baby daddies out there on the grind taking care of your children & live as a shining example of what being a parent is all about.