I was at a diversity conference recently & during a Q&A session, someone asked  Susan Molinari (fmr rep. congresswoman) how she felt race was going to impact the presidential election.  She then went into this grandiose rant about how beautiful it was going to be for the democratic process & talked about how proud she was to see a woman [Hillary Clinton] crack the glass ceiling & how awesome it was to watch a  Black man [Barack Obama] become the first legitimate Black candidate of a major political party etc etc.

After her bullshit comments, & considering many more that I have heard about BO’s race, I wondered why it seems like white America is so quick to dismiss his white mother & grandparents that raised him.  Is he not white enough?

Why do we as Negroes accept anyone that is “Black” openly based on the one drop rule.

I guess at least Barack and many other mixed race individuals accept the “Black community” & operate in & around it.  Then you have your Tiger Woods people, who seem to deny their Blackness & are far removed.

Should the one drop rule be addressed & confronted like many controversial words.  Should we be following the rule of “Partus Sequitur Ventrem”?  What makes sense???

I really don’t know what I’m saying but I just think the factors are interesting.