My roses managed to bloom this year before the disgusting Japanese beetles hatched. On any given year, I may see a few roses but never get to enjoy them for long. It seems like as soon as a rose bud appears, it is attached by those damn bugs & no matter what I do, they always win the garden fight. Mindspill

Anyway, I guess there are worse things going on in the world outside of my garden.

On a photographic note, my little unofficial but official photography is starting to pick up. I had a gig last week covering a private fashion party for Word Play T’s & got a call today to bid on the Ultimate White Party (Detroit). This job is kinda big & will require me to hire 3 photographers to assist. The assignment is to shoot the party entrants (approx. 4k) paparazzi style as they walk down the white carpet.

After hearing he idea, I called up a few friends, penciled them in to make this happen & forwarded my bid for the job. I hope this one comes through because, it will be additional exposure, a much needed credit card payment, & a good opportunity to see how Ghetto Fabulous party in all white.

One of the coolest things about the call, was that she found me through my Barack Obama photojournal via a mutual friend. The photojournals may be working.

Lastly, tomorrow, I am placing my weekly call to Wire Images to see what it takes to become one of their photographers. This will be call number 4 & I am not stopping until I get a damn call back!!!
I’m trying to stay on the grind but I am not sure where this will all lead. Sometimes I wish a I had a crystal ball.

Oh wait, I ain’t done:::

NYC Friends, I will be in Manhattan next week starting Tuesday, would love to meet for Negro Fixin’s!!! (I am so looking forward to seeing “Cat On a Hot Tin Roof” and a picnic in Central Park)
Toronto Friends, I will be in town for the Caribana July 31 – Aug 3 (already looking forward eating @ Golden Thai & the Hot House Sunday brunch)
Chicago Friends, I will be in town for a quick Labor Day weekend trip
DC Friends, a quick trip in the works, stay tuned.

Damn, it looks like I am going on a fucking tour.