Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jennifer Hudson is Hollywood’s latest Magical Negro!!!!!

I went to see “Sex and the City” the other day & I was looking forward to seeing it because I was a fan of the HBO series for years. I was also looking forward to seeing another black character in the expanded story that was not just an accessory or sexual object (remember Blair Underwood & Miranda???).

Anyway, I was so disappointed with this highly anticipated theatrical release. First of all, it was too damn long, there was nothing new or excited offered in the 2.5 hour run of the movie. And I really wanna know why OSCAR WINNER Jennifer Hudson took this role. Like a true Magical Negro, she came out of no where improved the life of her white miss & literally disappeared but with a designer Louis Vuitton hand bag that made the women in the audience say “dam that’s a bad bag!”

The other thing that made me shale my head was how Charlotte’s adopted Asian daughter “Lily” was used as the ultimate cute accessory. The little girl was in I don’t know how many scenes but she spoke only twice & the only word that came out of her mouth was “Sex”. That was so not cute.

IMO, J Hudson’s character Louis & Lily could have been totally eliminated & the movie would have not suffered a bit. Shit, how can you fuck up something that already fucked up??? The sad thing for me, was that I’ve seen much better episodes when the series was running.

If you want to see this movie, I suggest you save your money & get yourself a McRib combo from McDonald’s instead.