“Shug Avery: More than anything God love admiration.

Celie: You saying God is vain?

Shug Avery: No, not vain, just wanting to share a good thing. I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it.”

Bygbaby.com Mindspill

Although I do not believe in God, these line from the “Color Purple” some of my favorite lines ever.

As I mention in my last 2 posts, I went to a friend’s retirement party this past weekend, & one of the recurring themes was religion when friends & family took the podium to offer well wishes & stories of yesterday. Then there was this group prayer before dinner started. I was not surprised by of any of this because this is just how Negroes do. Before the prayer started, I was wishing that we were not asked to join hands & do some type of group prayer & luckily, we did not.

Anyway, I found the stories & other rhetoric laced with religion to be oddly comforting. I thought to myself, it is so nice to here how religion makes some people feel empowered & happy. I think we all need something to hold on to but for me religion/worship/false sense of security is not for me.

Lat year, during a conversation with my mom, she was like, boy you need to pray on that. I was like, I don’t do that no mo’. She was like why & I replied, I am not into that any longer & I don’t see the point. Either things will change for the better or they won’t. No matter what I have to keep moving on. She said she understood & sometimes wants to turn away from religion but cannot. Then she was like, I need to pray for your ass.

We have had a few arguments over my disbelief & it always ended with me saying, I respect you for your belief system, why can’t you respect me for mine. Then I always have to ask her, why Christians specifically are so quick to tell someone that they are going to hell just because they think differently. That usually ends the argument, then we go into, what are you having for dinner.

I have had similar conversations with friends & the topic is always so hot.

Most recently, my 2nd cousin Big Albert passed & his funeral is this Saturday. When my mom called to give me the news, I was like shit, I have tickets to the Red Bull Air Race. Today mom called & said the family hour was at 12 & the funeral was at 1230. My first question was why is the family hour only 30 minutes???

Moments later, I called Cousin Dee to let her know the times so we could figure out how we would make this happen with our other plans. I mentioned that I wanted to go to the family hour & dip out. I told her I was not in the mood for a long drawn out funeral, sermon, burial & repass. Shit by the time it is all over, it will be 8 damn pm. She agreed.

I love Big Albert & it was really time fro him to go. He had been sick for a while & after his stroke, things just went down a long road of bad health & extended care facility visits.

I think his wife was ready for it to be over too. Shit, the funeral is within the same week of his death & you know Niggas take at least 2 weeks to get in the ground. We gotta scrape up money because we don’t plan, then we gotta wait for our cousins to drive up from down south, then figure out were they all gone stay.

I hope Big Al’s spirit is where he wants it to be, if there is a place to be.