Hillary Clinton’s hard working American base is fucked up.  I know now all Whites are not racist but there are a hell of a lot of them & I think we will see that come out as Barack Obama makes his way towards 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I saw this video on Jovan Miles’ blog & was not shocked, or freaked out.  I was & am just like, damn, what we’s gone do about these HillBillies that ain’t got no teeth, poor as hell, uneducated, obviously do not read or watch the news to know who policy makers are & don’t mind fucking a sheep or cousin here or there.
I am so happy that I do not live in those southern towns where these type people breath & hold their head up high like they are the most precious thing under the sun.
I’m surprised that no one yelled out “white power” or “I likes coloreds but they all just some shady coons”.
White men have been fucking this country up from jump.  What makes people think that one day a white man will get it right?
What we’s gone do???