After 5 evenings of work, I finally finished clearing all of the weeds, grass & dead plants from my 6 gardens!!!

Today, I started planting some annuals & tomorrow, I will be mulching.  I made a promise to myself to have everything done including my container gardens my Memorial Day.  Will I be able to do it is another thing! Mindspill

And speaking of gardening, Sunday I did my 1st self imposed photojournalist assignment. My job was to visit the annual “Flower Day” event at the Eastern Market (Detroit’s farmers market) and tell the story from that shows how great the event was for gardeners, people watchers & families.

It was a fun assignment to do but I was so tempted to put my camera up & shop for flowers & plants for this year’s garden. I managed to leave only spending 20 bucks, which is a drop in the bucket of how much I can spend there on any given day.

Anyway, please have a look here, I promise that you will not be bored, or at least I hope…