MindspillI finally found the perfect jeans & stocked up with 4 pair.

Since I lost & am losing weight bit by bit, I had to refresh my jeans collection.
I discovered the Levi 569 Loose/Straight fit & hunted like hell at local stores to find a 30 length. The search was rough & I only found one pair.
So today I took the search online & found them at Macy’s for 31.99 on sale & purchased 3 pair (different colors). Later I found them online through another retailer 2 bucks cheaper.
The sad thing about my search was that neither Levi store nor their online shop had my size. I guess they think juicy brothas don’t shop with them.
Recent Jean Reflections
My last claim for the perfect jean was Old Navy’s Boot Cut fit but I guess they are not making them anymore, so I guess the ones I have now are in their last days of me wearing them.
Jeans Before I Turned 22
Back in the day, I would only wear designer jeans & pay all kinds of money but now that I’m no longer a brand whore, I save a lot of money. It’s funny how something so simple such as buying jeans can turn into a major ordeal!
– Girbaud jeans Skinny Coybow & Brand X fits used to be my die-hard favorites jeans. I really thought I was sexy in this one pair of Skinny Cowboys, I was about 18 at the time. This girl who kinda looked funny used to tell me that my booty looked cut in them.
– Guess Pascal used to make me feel like I was a sophisticated brotha especially when I wore them with a shirt & tie. Guess no longer makes the Pascal fit & it is such a shame. The shit they put out now is way too flash. Oh wait, I remember when I was in the 10th grade & got me a Guess short overall, which was a ghetto must have.
– I thought I was all that when I got me a Used Jeans. I actually had one used outfit & it was in the lay-a-way for a month in a half. I made payments on it when I got my little Wendy’s check. One day I came home from school early & caught my mom in my Used jeans outfit & was pissed off & from that point it was hers. People could not know that my momma & I wore the same damn clothes. Looking back it was really funny because when I walked in the house, she had it on with a pair of high heels with her legs crossed smoking on a Benson & Hedges cigarette.
– Oh & I was really all that when I got me 2 Damaged Jeans outfits as a gift from my mom. I made sure that she did not wear those.
– Jeans I really wanted way back when were some Cross Colors & some Karl Kani’s. I was so jealous of many of my friends who had these, including Cousin Dee. Although I made my own money & purchase many of my own clothes, my mom threatened to beat me down if I can in her house with some pimp pants.
Is you got you some blue jean tales???