MindspillI stopped for gas yesterday before work & when I pulled up tot he pump, this is what the person before me got. I think it was enough to get to the next freeway exit.

I remember way back when, when 5 bucks would last for a few days. Now it lasts for an hour or so. It is sad to think that wages are going down while the price of gas & food are rising higher than ever. How will those with lesser means make it???

Funny thing about this also is, about 2 weeks ago, I was talking with a friend & told her that I was going to the gas station to get 5 bucks worth of gas. She laughed & said why bother. She said that when she sees people getting 5 bucks or less, she knows that some shit is about to go down. The only person that gets that small amount is a get-away-car driver. We both laughed!