A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Drake Phifer of Urban Organic who needed some updated photos of himself.

Days later, we were confirmed & the shoot was on.  We set up at a few somewhat on the street spots midtown Detroit & I found myself in challenging light conditions, cold windy weather but all with a client who was flexible & easy to work with.

It was fun doing this type of job for portraits & something that I miss from my Detroit Fashion Pages days.

After Drake got the photos, he contacted me & really stroked my ego with praise for the work I submitted. Later I ran into him & his wife & she echoed his sentiments, which made me feel proud of my little skills.

Hopefully when the image(s) appear in African American Family Magazine (the main purpose for the photos), I can get a few client hits.

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On a on the grind note, last week, I contacted Wire Images to find out what it takes to be one of the photographers.  I left a message got no call back so far, so guess who I will be hitting up tomorrow!!!