MindspillWhat the hell kind of weed was OJ smoking when he admitted to killing his wife & her boo? That must have some good shit for him to slip up & expose the truth that we all know but love to deny.

Sad thing is that he cannot be retried, he is not the 1st person to get away with murder (well, maybe the 1st Black man to get away with murdering a white woman) & will not be the last. I wonder how his kids feel about him????

What the fuck took so long to get R. Kelly’s trial going??? In the last six years, that nigga released like 8 albums, made me “step in the name of love” countless times, he did 35 collabos & paid for 4 abortions. Honestly, why is this going to trial??? I saw the video when it was circulating & if that was not R. Kelly, maybe he was kidnapped & got into some “face off” type shit.

The (obviously willing) victim is now twenty-damn-three & is denying that it is her in the video. Can you say, the dick brainwashed her (she needs to talk to Alexyss) & she mos def got paid off.

The Detroit City Council is a step closer in getting Kwame’s delusional ass out of office. All I wanna know is what can I do to help!

In other news:

1st) Who made that dress?
2nd) Likeded is not a word!
3rd) Why does she have that big ass tattoo on her chest & that tongue ring?
4th) Why is this in the news, & who really cares?
5th) Last but not least, where is her momma. I would have said where are the parents but it is clear that there is no father around.
6th) Can’t wait to see this featured on the Hot Ghetto Mess website.

In personal news:
– I got a Myspace message from my sister Baby today that stated “just left the doctors and my due date is 11-11-08 yes i’m having a baby”. OK, WTF!!!

1st) Why would you Myspace message that kind of news. This is worse that a text message. So impersonal!!! And why didn’t you just tell me this bittersweet news when you saw me Saturday?
2nd) Last week you called me because you were out of money & food until your current boo got paid & begged me to order you a pizza so yall grown asses could have something to eat. How are you going to afford another mouth to feed. Oh wait, I know food stamps. Duh!!!!
3rd) You don’t have a job now, have not had one for months, is this a sign of a life line system lifestyle?
4th) Why is my mom so excited about this new baby? Yes I know it is another grandchild who will be precious, but all I see is another bastard child who will be sharp as hell & living in the lap of ghetto luxury.
5th) My sister changes her boo more than she changes her panties. I started to ask whose it was but that just would have been too fucked up for me to even ask.
6th) Why do I have to have that one sibling that people talk about at the family reunion?

I love my Baby, but she makes the worst life decisions ever. I wanted to call her so bad tonight but all I would have to say would have been counter productive & a waste of breath. What’s done is done.

In political news:
– Will someone fucking take over Myanmar with an international coup. I really do not understand why the government over there is denying aid. I saw videos of all of the squalor & dead bodies floating around to this day. I guess if I was a Katrina victim, I would stop complaining right about now, or at least until the FEMA checks ran out.

– Hillary, you mos def can’t count & we all know you can’t budget. Drop the fuck out & have a BBQ with your hard working white supporters. How dare you insinuate that white Americans are the only ones that are middle class, hard workers etc. This is the exact reason your campaign is going down faster than Monica Lewinsky or Karrine Steffans in a room full of hot dick & nuts.

– George Bush, fuck pictures of your daughter’s wedding cuz I don’t give a fuck!!! I wanna see my damn stimulus package check. I need some damn gas money bitch.