“There was rain today
And crystal blue was hidden by a cloudy gray
A sudden shower come to chase the sun away
Occasional rain

Damn the weatherman
He seems to work against me any way he can
And he’s been dealing tear-drops since the world began
And occasional pain

And blue you, don’t believe I’m talking to you
The light is shining through you- still you will not see
Blue you- think I’m trying to undo you
When I only want to seek the Truth

And speak true
I can’t tell you when
But someday soon we’ll see the sun re-born again
And there’ll be light without as well as light within
And occasional rain”

Terry Callier 1972

Bygbaby.com Mindspill

Whenever I listen to Terry Callier’s older music, I feel like I’m transported back in time for some reason. His newer music inspires me to want more of myself, my people & my love. If you are not up on him & like old soul/folksy type music, check him out. If you are a house fan, he has some pretty cool remixes out there. iTunes Boo!