15 years post high school graduation & taking college classes off & on has finally amounted to something tangible.

Next week, I graduate from my extended stay at Washtenaw Community College!!!  Last week, I felt kinda funny about going to the graduation ceremony but now I am excited about it now that I got my cap & gown.

I passed my last math class with an A- & I am so happy to have math out of my scholastic life!!!  When I checked my grade online today, I was totally fucking shocked and I guess I am no longer a math dummy

On to Eastern Michigan University in the fall, which I am vowing to be down within in 3 years (only need 50 credits & I’m out that bitch).  I joked with BFB today that when school starts in the fall, I am going to get me an EMU sweatshirt, bumper sticker, & license plate cover.  He suggested not getting the bumper sticker.

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