MindspillAfter last Tuesday PA primary, I was a little down because BO lost by 9.4%.  After CNN called the race I was like shit, what we’s gone do now.

During HC speech, I found myself having a harder time looking at her marionette type face.  Every word she spoke turned me off, but deep down, way deep down, I was like good for her; even liars & back stabbers can be winners some times.

On the flip side, I was not even in the mood to here BO speak so I cut the tv off & feel asleep with May 6th on my mind.  I am thinking that if BO cannot take BO, the shit is over & it will get a whole lot nastier for real.

Going back to the tv.  One thing that stuck with me in terms of all of the Gallup Poll stats thrown out by the CNN commentators was the fact that 28% of HC’s supporters will back JM if BO is the Democratic party nominee & 19% of BO’s supporters will back JM if HC is the Democratic party nominee.  I was like shit, those numbers are tough no matter how you slice it.

I said months ago that if HC was the Democratic nominee, I was not going to vote at all & possible reject no I mean denounce my citizenship if she won.

Today I feel a little different because I kinda like JM although his tightly packed yellow teeth, turkey neck & partially embalmed body make me want to throw up in my shirt.

Another thing that is bothering about my decision to be 19% is the fact that if I do not vote, I am fucking over our predecessors who fought for voting rights.  And the voting rights act was passed only 43 years ago & recently renewed.  Do I really want to sale out the people that died to have the choice that I have?  In terms of my other conscious do I want to sale myself out by voting for someone that I think will suck if they were in office.  Things would be much more simple of we had candidates that had it all; integrity, honest, not too ugly, not hated around the world, can speak a complete sentence that makes since, no DUI’s, drug issues, no huge sexual appetite that makes them creep etc.

Anyway, I am an anxious 19% hoping for the best from BO over the next few weeks.  I hate to say it, but I hope that BC makes another fuck-up & HC tells another lie & I hope that someone else asks CC where’s Monica to just piss her off.  BTW, where is Monica & I wonder who she’s backing in the race.  We all know she loves a democrat.

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