Dear Blog,

I am back up in this bitch & I hope that I will not bore you with a little Bygbaby potpourri.  I told you that a lot has been going on so I will try to be as brief as possible

“Although inspired in part by a true incident, the following story is fictional but not really and does not depict any actual person or event but it really does but I can’t say.”

School & Making it Through
My last math test was a b-eye-itch!  I really did not study & felt half way confident that I would do ok to get a C because I was at the point of not giving a fuck, I just want this shit ova!  So this Monday’s class was results & I had my fingers crossed to get a C.  The instructors lands the graded test in front of me & I had a big fat 93%!!!  I was like, is this my shit???  I was so geeked but even more excited that I have one test left.  At this point, I am looking at getting a B out of the class.  It will be great if I can pull off a B+ because my GPA will stay just above a 3.0, which means that I get my transfer scholarship when I land at the EMU business school in the fall.

Yes, the last piece of my last sentence is right.  I am finally fucking done with community college after a very sporadic 7 years of classes here & there.

I found out Monday that I was eligible to graduate this May from WCC.  1st thing Monday am, I met with the assistant dean at the b-school of EMU who looked at my transcript & was like what the are you waiting for, you need to be here now!  We combed through my current credits & the requirements of the BA program & all I need is 15 classes to have a BA with a specialization in HR.  15 classes ain’t shit now, I am looking forward to knocking them out.  I am ultra excited & cannot wait to be on my way to a 4 year degree.

My family & were excited to hear my little news & that made me feel good.  Thx to all of my blogging friends ho have lifted me up during the last 2 years especially with the math drama!!!

So I will be going to the little graduation ceremony next month & mostly to show my girls that this shit matters.  Some time next month I also plan to have a little party to celebrate with my friends who tease me about being the oldest nigga in my classes.

To celebrate myself (and I do that so well), I am getting a Vaja messenger bag in dk brown with red trim.  I need a bag upgrade desperately because my Coach messenger bag looks like it was taken from an organized crack head!!!

Photos & Soul for Sale
Sunday before last, I uploaded 13 photos to iStockphoto & Wednesday before last 9 were approved & 4 were rejected.  I was pretty excited about that.  By Thursday, I was a whole ¢26 richer!!!  One of my photos sold & I was so geeked.

I’m using iStockphoto as a litmus  test to see if some of my work as commercial viability in the stock industry.  If things go pretty good, then I will step my game up & try to join a stock house.

Time & sales will tell, so stay tuned.

Gym Hot Mess of the Week
If you go to the gym, you are familiar with a lot of the hot mess that walks up in there.  I usually do a gym hot mess of the week based on some of the tacky shit that people wear, do & say.  Before yesterday, the Overbuff Muscled Headed Negro (I have names for them all) was my gym hot mess of the week.  He’s new & when I first saw him, I was like WTF is up with those huge blue jean MC Hammer pants.  The as I got closer to him, I was like what is that shit hanging off your face.  Well upon closer inspection, I saw that it was a single lock, at least 8 ft long that he had wrapped around his neck like some type of necklace.

Well, yesterday, the Overbuff Muscled Headed Negro was no longer the gym hot mess of the week.  The Long Faced Red Locked Fat Boy was the official gym hot mess of the week.  Yes, I am the Long Faced Red Locked Fat Boy & it is impossible for me to be beat for this weeks title!  Let me tell you why.

Yesterday morning before work, I packed my gym bag & cross checked to be sure I have everything; tight work out shorts, over shorts, t-shirt, socks, gym shoes, hair tie, pad lock, water bottle, & towel.  Once I verified everything, I hit the door.  So now it’s 645, I’m at the gym getting ready to change.  So I go through the bag & was like shit, where is my t-shirt, where are my socks????  Did that shit leap out of my bag this am???

So I was like damn, I’m happy that I wore a wife beater today, because usually when it warms up outside, I don’t wear undershirts.  Well at least my shirt problem was solved or so I thought.  Once I took off me shirt, I realized that I had on a beat up wife beater with a hole all up in the front & it was “a little” ill fitted & basically tight as hell.  I was like I am going to look nasty as hell with this janky shit on.

Ok so now I take my shoes off & saw that I had on a pair of wildly colored argyle socks that were slight moist (yuk).  So who was I going to walk out of the locker room looking like a crack head by the socks & t-shirt with partially wet socks.  Damn my feet felt nasty.

After an abbreviate workout, I left looking a hotter mess than I did when I hit the gym floor.  I need to double & triple check my bag before leaving the house now, because I do not want to be the winner of my own mind game.

I told Cousin Dee about this & we both died laughing!!! I think sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves to stay sane.

Price of Rice
Yesterday while working out at the gym as the hot mess of the week, I was watching CNN & heard several stories about rice shortages & rice rationing from US retailers.  That shit made me have a mini panic.  I called Suite Suzy & told her to stock us up on rice ASAP.  She was like, do you know how much rice I buy.  I was like no.  She was like 25lbs at a time.  I was like ok, get 50bls.  She was like, that is enough for 6 months, then I was like fuck it, get 75lbs.  She was like, are you crazy!  I was like, I do not want to be caught out there with out being able to have my Basmati rice or paying high ass prices.  She talked me down a bit but came home with 50lbs worth.

My next 8 food recipes will all involve Basmati rice, so stay tuned!!! LOL.

I’d Rather Homeless
Sunday, my sister Baby called me & told me that she was about to be evicted from her apartment if she did not come up with 390 bucks before her eviction hearing, which was today.  So I was like, sorry boo, can’t help! But lets talk about what options you do have, which were not many.

Bottom line is that she & her boyfriend, I mean current jump off are totally irresponsible.  I cannot offer finances to support losers who have chronic cash issues.  I felt bad because I do not want my nephew Bay Bay caught up in her ghetto drama but I cannot save someone who does not want to save their self.

Yesterday, I call Baby up to see how she’s doing & she was like, I’m fine, just busy packing.  I was like, so nothing panned out & she was like no.  How can two adults not come up with 390 bucks (Only an elitist would ask that type of question!!!)???

I was like, you know my door is always open to you & Bay Bay (notice, I did not say you boo!!!) without a doubt & she was like that’s OK, we will be fine.  So I was like, so where are you going to go & she was like, I don’t know.  I was like, Baby, come stay with me until you get your shit together.  She was like no & I was like, why not, then she was like, I cannot live with you, I was like what???  You cannot live with me???  She was like no.  I was like what, are you telling me that you would rather be homeless with your child then live with me.  She was like yes.  I was fucked up.

At this point, I had nothing else to say other tan good luck & talk to you later.

So now, I’m like, I must be fucked up, a horrible person, a bitch, the nigga no one wants to be around right,,,

Fast forward a few hours, I’m hurt by what Baby said to me & I had to consult with my inner circle.  So I called my mom, Suite Suzy, Cousin Dee & BFB (individually), & told them what jumped off.  They all were like fuck her, yes even mamma.  They all said you were ok when she wanted money!!!!

Fast forward a few hours more, & I get a call from Baby.  She called to ask me how much it was to go to NYC.  I broke down airfare & hotel & she was like ohhhh.  I was like, why are you moving there now?  She was like no, I’m planning for my B-day.  I was like, oh, OK.  & in my mind, I was like should you not be concentrating on getting a place to live???

After that, I told her she hurt my feeling & from there a fight ensured.  Bottom line is, she really is a loser.  I love her but she has some fucked up priorities & my hands are dusted & I am with a free conscious.  Just because I look like I have it going on, does not mean that I can just break people off change.  And even if I did, have all kinds of money, I still would not be all like here you go boo.

I have no idea hat my sister’s lifestyle means for Bay Bay…

Anyway, I am using my 400 bucks for my custom Vaja bag, not another niggas rent! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.  Sorry Baby.

Car Troubles
I was so excited about my Prius but it is now dead & that’s because I’m not getting that bitch.  When the car came in, the dealership tried to fuck me over on my trade in & being fucked over is not something that I’m into.

So for now, I am saying fuck the environment & will continue to burn a whole in the ozone layer & my pocket with this damn SUV V6 engine.

Good thing I got them 4 damn tires. Mindspill