Hey Boo, Dear Diary, Dear Blog

I have missed you so much over the last week!  There have been so many things to say, so many things occured, so many thought have ran through my mind, but unfortunately, I have not had time to talk to you.

The end of the semester is getting to me & making it hard to formalize thoughts to share with you. My camera has been idle & I am in desperate need for a few cocktails!!!

I hope that we can talk again soon because, well just because & maybe tomorrow for the Thursday night “Jump Off” when I can relax a little bit.

We really need to talk about the bitch slap that lying ass Billary gave Obama last night in PA. but I am so not ready to go there now!!!

Before I leave, I think you will be happy to know that Suite Suzy & I both admitted that we do not want a divorce.  I know, I know, the last time I talked about this, it was just in a draft form because I was so not totally ready to tell all my business to your ass but I can at least follow-up on the post that was not meant to be.

Before I tuck you in for the night, I know you love tackiness because you are my blog so here is a shot from my backyard.  Yes, I know pink flamingos are so white trailer trash but they are so cute fun to have around.

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That’s all,