I posted this image on Flickr about a week ago & really did not expect much feedback because I thought it was blah but you never know how others will interpret the vision.

Some of the comments asked if I was giving viewers the hand or was I shying from the camera all in a playful context.

One comment from a Flickr Friends made me think though:

“man, i love our creator!! ??

those of us with brown skin have those wonderfully color-coordinated lines in our hands. is so becoming. ??

as a kid growing up in nebraska, i was ashamed of my color line. it reminded me that i was not a white kid. most of my classmates were white, i was usually the only brown face in the room. it took many, many years for me to accept my color and to be proud of how the creator made me. seeing your hand photo makes me feel warm, welcome, and reminds me of how wonderful it is to have brown skin.”

Stephanie aKa Nandeni 2008

Bygbaby.com Mindspill

Negroes come in many shades, eye color, hair texture etc making us pretty diverse within our own but I know some of us have problems with our given features, some even ashamed of what makes them them.

As a kid, I used to feel ashamed to be so yellow (I have gotten darker as I got older). I felt that way because my baby brother used to tell me that I was white, & that I smelled like throw up like them white people. My little sister would often join in on his taunting but then she had her own issues being the darkest in the house & often thought that she was not pretty. My brother has a caramel complexion so I guess he thought he was perfect???

Years ago when my little sister Sade came to live with us, I know that she had some culture shock being in a house filled with light skinned[ed] Negroes & questions if we were white & why she was different, why was her hair different from Olivia’s & why did we smell like marsh mellows (I made that one up playing on stereotypes). We dealt & with her Black girl issues & let her know that she is beautiful with what she has & in life differences occur (I hope we are doing a good job navigating these issues in my house).

With all this said, have you had to or are you currently dealing with your own Black boy/girl blues? Were you not good enough for whatever rewson because of self-doubt or because of what others said.  Feel free to throw out any cultural/cross cultural experiences within the Diaspora.