My post title is inspired by Kindred The Family Soul’s song “Rhythm of Love” from their “Surrender To Love” album 2003 (a must have album!!!).

“I’m watching you from afar babe
Your heavens brightest star babe
Wanting you is exciting
If only in my head & if I was hungry
I’d take you instead
You know we speak with no talk baby
Your smell, your walk baby
So afraid to touch you
But I long for it so
I’m sure that I love you but you
Don’t even know

It’s like beauty & music
The angels singing a song
Can you hear them?
It’s so lovely
It’s magic
I know you can feel it say yes

Loving you is a dance
The rhythm of life
And if there’s a chance
I want you till I die”

I just downed a half bottle of Malibu rum (sipped nice & slow) & I been listening to Kindred The Family Soul “Surrender To Love” album & stuck on like stupid to their “Rhythm of Love” song (I am emotional when spirited!).

As I sit in discomfort because I put my soft spike curlers in a little too tight, I teared a bit thinking about love, unconditional love & my boo.
Being married is a bitch sometimes, being in love is a bitch sometimes but I am happy that I have someone that I cherish & call my own.
I have never really been a man to tell my boo who I feel to her face like all mushy & gushy cause that makes me feel nasty like a little boy so I have a hard time expressing myself in the best way.
Must stop, starting to get emotional again, have to pee & listen to “Rhythm of Love” on more time.
That’s all!