MindspillBefore you take a picture after a meal, please check your teeth.  There is nothing like thinking you’re cure when you really look like a damn fool!

On another note, yesterday I called Cousin Dee to invite her to lunch for her birthday & during the conversation, I asked her how it felt to be turning thirty-one.  She was like, ummmmm, I’m turning 32.  I was like, no your not because I’m thirty-two & I’m two years older than you.  She was like no your not & I was like whatever.

So anyway, driving to work today, I was thinking about my age & was like wait, I am thirty-mutha fuckin’-three.  Shit, a nigga had to do some quick math.  The fucked up thing is that I have been telling people that I’m thirty-two.  After my reality check I called Cousin Dee & told her of my startling discovery & she was like nigga, I’m running late to work & I see why you suck @ math.

Later Suite Suzy, CD & myself had a great celebratory lunch & laughs were all on me & my age fuck up. Mindspill

Food photo taken @ Gratzi downtown Ann Arbor | Pollo Gratzi with asiago polenta, potatoes & spinach. My favorite dish to get there.