So on one of my last post, I admitted that I am sick of hearing about MLK especially last week & some of you went there with me.

As we all know, MLK was not the first, last or only Negro that has dome something for other Negroes in the Americas or within the Diaspora.

Now I would like to call you out & ask, if you could fill the chair below with one little know, hardly discussed or widely know Negro past or present who was down for the uplifting of Negroes (fuck other groups for now, PC is out the window) who would it be?  What would you ask or say? Mindspill

Me first!  I would put Alex Haley in my chair.  I would ask him why in the fuck did her let them turn “Queen” into a damn movie! Or maybe I would fill my chair with with Colin Pwell so that I could ask him if he ever wanted to bitch slap the shit out of George Bush…