MindspillI get tagged enough & sometimes I act like I did not see it and do not comply but this time I will not let that happen.

The other day I was tagged as a sexy blogger by Liz of “Los Angelista’s Guide To The Pursuit Of Happiness” because I have sexy Brotherlocks & forever making her laugh every time I think about last year’s Alexyys K. Tylor post.  (Which one, there were so many LOL!!!)

Honestly speaking, I always consider myself sexy, so I do not know why no one else nominated me, what the fuck is going on???

Anyway, I wish I could nominate Liz back because she makes me think, her stories are vividly detailed making me feel like I was there & her & her boo & raising to little princes & she is light skinned[ed] with good hair (just fucking with you Liz!!!).

Anyway, I would like to nominate a few of my favs just because.

The Invisible Woman (Invisible Woman…..Black Cinema At LARGE)– a) because I love her name & b) she is one top of negro cinema & you all know how much I love the movies

Stephen Bess (Morphological Confetti) – Because I love how he provides edu-tainment with poetry, art & personal history posts.

I would have nominated more but I’m tired, shit!