Why are the Transportation Security Administration airport workers so damn tacky? No matter what airport I travel from or to, the TSA workers are all the same.  They seem largely uneducated, lack tack, loud as hell, can’t speak, smile in your face as they take you Dasani water & bitch about not being able to take a break. And why was TSA worker (Black woman) at the security check point with short wet hair with brown gel slicked back with those white head/neck wraps holding her shit down on the sides.  All she needed was a hood dryer, magazine, a 2 piece from Popeye’s & red soda pop.

Why do you have to show your boarding pass & ID to three people within a 4 ft radius?  I find this very annoying & I get really annoyed when they ask for my shit, I hand it to them & they do not even look at my ID.  Talk about an agency that needs lean thinking management really bad!

Why did the shoe bomber had to use shoes to attempt a bomb.  I hate taking my shoes off at the airport, especially if I have on sandals.  Being without shoes in these congested areas is just fucking gross.  The TSA/Homeland security are idiots with dumb policies.  I mean what can you really do with an ate up pair of old navy flip flops???

Who really cares what the national threat level is?  I find the every five-minute level warning a little too much.  If it was blue, what the fuck is anyone going to do anyway.  Actually I do not even know what the levels are so it all the same to me.  Just let me know when the shit is hitting the fan.

Why are Flight Attendants such assholes?  Actually I know the answer to this being a former Flight Attendant, so I guess I will hold off on this question.

Why does Spirit Airline nickel & dime people to death?  Yes, they have low fares but they charge 10-20 bucks per checked bag, no complimentary drinks including water.  Don’t come on board hungry, thirsty & broke because you will come up very short!  Today I got slick when they came to get my order.  I said I’ll take a cup of ice please.  The flight attendant looked at me like what, then handed it to me with a question still on her face.  I was thirsty as hell but I was not about to give them bitches any more money!  The ice was nasty but it did hit the spot.

Does anyone else miss having loved ones staying with them at the gate until the plane takes of or meeting you as you deplane with a big smile?  I do!!!  Going to the airport used to be so much fun, now it is just  pain in the ass.

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I remember when I was young, my mom always said, when you fly make sure you fly sharp!  I used to always dress up to look my best.  We all know back in the day, not everyone could not afford to fly, so those that could looked the part.  I remember seeing videos of way back when of how travel has changed & how casual people fly nowadays.

Now when I travel, I dress casual or more/less all purpose because you never know who you my run into.  Obviously, people feel differently now because they show up looking like any damn thing.  Nasty flip flops (I hate flip flops), short shorts (aKa pussy shorts), house shoes; need I say more….

Flying commercially sucks & now more than ever.  Sometimes I wish I had magic teleporting powers.

On another note; is anyone else tired of hearing about MLK this week?  What about other Negro leaders, champions & healers???