I had a great & positive week here in Orlando @ the PS conference.  Right now I am on information overload but that’s OK.  “Yall’s boy” (line barrowed from Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (Kwame’s momma)) is armed with lots of use tidbits, & new gadgets & looking forward to putting it all to use!

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I have to wake up @ 3am tomorrow to get my red eye home & believe me, it is going to be some red eyes going on cuz I am tired as fuck right now & still need to eat & finish packing. My room got very messy & that is funny because it is just me so I guess I am not as neat as I claim to be.  Already in advance, I’m hoping that I leave nothing.

This weekend is going to be non-stop!  I got my much needed loc appointment tomorrow, & clothes to wash, Sunday I am assisting a Alvin Haas (bad ass fashion photographer) Sunday on a wedding themed shoot for Ambassador Magazine, so I am hoping I can sneak a nap in sometime before I have to go back to the plantation Monday.