I’m in Orlando for the 2008 Photoshop World conference. So far I have learned some new tricks that will improve my Photoshop experience, which means better workflow, & better finished products.

By the time I leave, I hope to be a damn whiz!

I was really hoping to get out & do some shooting around but it is not looking good :(. Everything is pretty far from where I am & the public transportation stops running early so I am stuck in a convention purgatory. Oh well, I guess I will survive.

While I am here, I have a standing date with my family so we can iChat before bed time. We did it for the first time last night & it was very fun.

So anyway, I will up in this bitch until the crack of dawn Saturday & will back in cold Michigan just in time to make it to me lock retightening appointment. Damn I hope there are no delays because my shit is like an afro with locks dangling.

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